The Motor Caravanners’ Club

The Motor Caravanners' Club (M.C.C.) is divided into areas known as Groups. In England a group is made up of one or more Counties. The South and West Wales Group covers most of Wales, excluding North Wales, which is part of the North West Midlands and North Wales Group. Scotland, Northern Ireland and Spanish groups cover the whole of those countries, as does the Isle of Wight.

There are also two Special Interest Groups, the Selective European Rallies Group (S.E.R.G.) and the Motorcycling Group. 

Members belong to their own regional group and can then join either or both Special Interest Groups.
There are email links to the secretaries of either Special Interest Group or indeed any regional group in the information area of the members side of the website.

The Club has a committee, known as the Council of Management, which oversees the smooth running of the Club. Members of the Council, known as Directors, are elected at the Annual General Meeting of the Club, which takes place during the five night National rally over the late May Bank Holiday weekend.

Each group has its own committee, which is elected at an Annual General Meeting and which ensures that the groups are run in accordance with the Club's rules, which are contained in the Constitution for Groups.

Each group holds a series of meets throughout the year, which are known as rallies and are held at venues such as schools, village halls, Cricket, Rugby and Football clubs.

At these rallies various activities are arranged, which you can choose to take part in or just sit and watch, whilst enjoying your favourite drink. Some rallies are held where special events are taking place, including the Bristol Balloon Fiesta, Carnivals, Steam Fairs and a Jazz Festival. Unless otherwise stated in the Group Rally booklet or on the website, there is no need to book - just turn up and enjoy. Any member of the M.C.C. can attend any group rally.

The Club operates Casual Camping Sites, in the UK and in Europe, where space is acquired in an interesting place.  Some are bookable and some are just turn up. You could even spend some time at the site, leave and come back in a few days.

If you are new to the Club we would suggest that you first attend your own Group rally, if possible, and let the person who greets you know that it is your first rally. Make sure they tell you where the facilities are - fresh water, elsan point, etc don't be afraid to ask if you are not sure of anything and, most of all - enjoy!