Aires in the UK

A new organisation Campaign for Real Aires (CAMpRA) has been formed for the creation of Aires in the UK.
Their aim is to provide safe parking spaces for Motorhomes/Campervans in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. To help boost the economy by spending in local areas and to encourage Motorhomes/Campervans to staycation. To encourage foreign visitors in their Motorhomes/Campervans to visit the UK.
For more information please visit their website 

Overnight Parking Conditions for MCC exempted sites

There will be two types of sites operating under the Guidelines 
These will be known as Aires

  • Motorcaravan Parking (Overnight Parking Only)
  • Motorcaravan Parking with Service Points

Site rules apply to both

  1. Only motorcaravans with onboard facilities will be allowed to use the sites.
  2. Overnight Parking Only - NO CAMPING BEHAVIOUR ALLOWED 
  3. Sites cannot be booked in advance
  4. Max stay of 48 hours no return within 7 days.
  5. If possible parking bays will be separated by a non combustible boundary to maintain a minimum 3m spacing between motorcaravans. 
  6. Length restrictions may be applied, the site listing will show any restrictions.
  7. All aires will be open to non members.
  8. Signage showing the rules must be clearly displayed.
  9. The signage above should display (LEAVE NO TRACE).
  10. Where there is a charge for use of the site the collection of this will be the sole responsibility of the site owner not MCC or CAMpRA.

Sites with services

  1. If only drinking water is available this will be classed as Overnight Parking Only.
  2. If black waste disposal is available this will be classed as Motorcaravan Service Points
  3. The preferred method of grey waste disposal is a drive over drain.
  4. If a drive over drain is not available signage MUST indicate where to dispose of grey waste.
  5. Where possible sites should include rubbish bins or recycling point.
  6. If no rubbish disposal on site signage must indicate if there is a disposal point nearby

So - What Next

If you or someone you know has land that may be suitable, then the links below will give access to the application form

There ia a PDF file that you can fill in by hand and then scan and email to the office ( or even put it in an envelope and post it (CLICK HERE for the PDF)