Many times recently, the question has arisen as to what types of units we allow to join the Club. 
As you must all realise, a certain standard must be attained to comply with what constitutes a motor caravan, motor home, camper van and of course a caravan. Though as stated on the application form we do not allow people to join with a caravan. 

The criteria are that you must own or have use of a motor caravan to gain full membership. 
Let’s look at the minimum requirements to become eligible for membership. 

Your preferred vehicle must have cooking, sleeping and sanitary fitments. The vehicle must comply with all safety gas legislation and be roadworthy.

Preferred base vehicle would be a panel van with adequate ventilation to meet the standards needed for you to use a heater and a cooker. Basic canvas extensions attached to the vehicle are acceptable but again they must meet site safety standards. Mostly these vehicles are produced to accommodate people as a stepping-stone to larger units. 

Professional panel van conversions will comply with all necessary legislation regarding safety and have all the necessary equipment built in at time of conversion. But they are still built on a commercial van chassis. 

Smaller vans in the courier class also are converted with a large back and of course all the previous points as to safety apply. 

Stepping up a size we come to the coach built. These are produced from a chassis cab from various manufacturers with probably the most makes being Fiat Ducato, Mercedes Sprinter and Peugeot. The range and sizes are mind boggling as to layouts inside and out. With, in some cases a real “home from home”. 

Going that bit larger but on the same theme we have the “A-class”. This type has an all-round coach-built body construction with the habitation door being the only exit and entry to the vehicle. As with so many different types there are sometimes doors built into the cab area. 

Again, there are still many more types to consider. 

To go extra-large then the 5th-wheeler is an articulated vehicle. The tug is normally a large utility flat back van with an articulated coupling in the rear load area. 

Next the “All American” RV (recreational vehicle). Imported from America and converted to comply with UK regulations and 240v. Water connections are also converted.

One we should also look at is the demountable. Again, a base vehicle of the utility van type with a purpose-built demountable coach built back. Once sited you drop supporting legs (usually 4) and drive away. 

The above is only a quick snapshot of the many variants available. 

All these models meet the criteria for joining The Motor Caravanners’ Club.
A mattress in the back of a panel van, a bucket for other functions would not meet our rules on safety and hygiene.
Open fires to cook on are very seldom allowed but purpose-built BBQs are as long as they off the ground and don’t scorch the grass.